Entry Requirements

Visitors please take a moment to read our Student Policy Guidelines 2018 before making an enquiry.              

There are two categories of entry: school-based and adult.

School based

For school-based or home-schooled children, entry into Notesmasters Music Studio is based on one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Current enrolment in a Music related subject at school or home eg. choir, music extension, or a standard curriculum music class.
  2. Previous successful completion of an AMEB, Trinity College or ABRSM practical or theoretical examination at any grade.

Your Investment

$400.00 per school term.

This is for 30 minute private lessons with Skype, email and telephone support throughout the course of the term. It also includes all administration including photocopying and emailing, accompanying for concerts, exams and eisteddfods, student development seminars, rehearsals, sheet music and backing tracks. There are no additional costs except for beginning piano books (see below).

Important - Please note: All bookings for beginning students require an upfront payment of 4 lessons in advance, prior to the commencement of lessons.

Please refer to the Studio Policy Guidelines on the link above for more information on lessons.

For a comparison of Notesmasters Music rates compared to the standard Queensland rates for fully qualified music teachers, log on to the Music Teachers Association of Queensland and view the rates for 'Professional' members.


For adults, it is recommended that adults attend lessons on a needs basis rather than weekly. Payments are made by the lesson.

For professional events, casual 2 hour workshops with a recording session are recommended. The best approach for professional event preparation is to tailor workshops so that only specific requirements for that show are addressed. This helps contain the number of face to face lessons and keep costs to a minimum.

Piano books

Unfortunately the cost of piano books is not included in the cost of lessons.

When books are required, we will always let you know in advance, and explain how the selected music fits into the programme.

Books can be purchased by the parent or student from Binary Music in Cleveland.