The Studio

The studio is equipped with a Yamaha grand piano, an upright Steinbach piano, a keyboard, guitar, professional condensor and dynamic microphones, software recording equipment, video equipment, green screen, and surround sound stereo amplification and effects. In addition we stock a library of over 140,000 songs, around 3,000 backing tracks and a vast array of learning material suitable for beginners through to concert standard.

Seating is provided in the studio which is air conditioned year round.


There is an abundance of ready reference material covering all aspects of vocal pedagogy and technique, piano pedagogy and historical influences, performance anxiety and other related areas of broad interests. A huge range of training material, sheet music and tuition books are kept at hand. We have the very latest publications available for aural, theoretical and practical training with examining bodies and use state of the art technology to capture lesson material, performances and audition material.

Waiting Room and observation seating

A comfortable, ground level waiting area is available with TV, wi-fi, magazines, books, heating and cooling year round. An observation area is situated in the studio also.

Kitchen Facilities

Feel like a cuppa while you're waiting? A public space kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities is available for everyone to enjoy.

Parking and Safety

Plenty of off street parking is available year round. The studio is located in a quiet cul-de-sac so littlies are perfectly safe once outside the vehicle.

"How lucky are we to have a teacher of the caliber of Donna in the Redlands! Not only does she get the very best out of her students but she's gentle with you as well. I think that's so important when you're learning the complexities of music, and especially singing in front of people for the first time".

Hayley Allen