Why should I choose Notesmasters over the other big tuition and theatre groups?

Notesmasters Music Studio is located within a home, with dedicated, permanent facilities that focuses on teaching students all aspects of music in order to become a serious musician, with a focus on having fun and making 'smart' progress. 

Donna is not interested in churning out huge numbers of performers that can only do tricks in one off stage performances by rote. 

She is totally committed to the long term, individual development of each person to their greatest possible level of musicianship. Correct technique, theory, aural training, musicianship, and historical contextual study are standard components of every lesson.

In order to do this successfully, only ONE lesson is being conducted at any one time and there is a cap on how many students can be enrolled at the Studio per week. You won't find cubicles of music rooms with multiple lessons being conducted at the same time. The focus is on quality learning, not quantity.

Students are catered for personally, one at a time, and not distracted by external sounds. Each student is coached properly, carefully and professionally, using over 30 years of experience, resources - old and new, and gentle guidance. Strategic parental involvement is key and is utilised in the long term lesson structure.

Donna is passionate about passing on her experience to her students so that they can avoid some of the unnecessary pitfalls of performing and get the most enjoyment out of their musical journey as they possibly can.